Although not the hospice provider, Friends of Hospice has been augmenting and supporting hospice and end-of-life care since 1994. We’re a network of volunteer friends, helpers, and companions. One of the services much needed and appreciated is Caregiver Massage. This program serves both the patient, and their family caregivers in different ways.

Hospice explores many avenues for pain relief. One very effective method can be gentle massage. Hospice massage is a gentle form of physical touch that can be very soothing to those receiving it. It has been proven to provide relief from pain, anxiety, edema and general muscle tension, helping to decrease pain and allow for better rest. It is most often done through clothing, always to the comfort of, and requiring no special effort on the part of the patient. Hospice patients who utilize massage therapy often report it as one of their favorite activities of the day.

As part of the Medicare benefit, massage therapy for patient care and comfort is offered directly through the hospice provider twice monthly.  This is provided by two wonderful massage therapists: Belinda Rhodes and Lila Nordin. To learn more about these two professionals, click here:

Family members often deplete their own emotional and physical strength in caring for their loved ones. We recognize this sacrifice, and desire to assist family members, as well. Supplemental massage therapy is available free to family caregivers. Funding for this is provided by the Gritman Medical Center Foundation in Latah County, and the Friends of Hospice in Whitman County.

After being the primary caregiver for her husband in his final days, Oralene was exhausted. She says of her complementary massage: “It was extremely relaxing. It was one of the only times I could just let go. Having massage in my own home was awesome!” Oralene is not alone. Spouses, and other family members, serve their dying loved ones unselfishly. This often puts a burden on them. We would like to help lift this burden in a caring fashion.

If you, or someone you know, would  benefit from Caregiver TLC through gentle, compassionate massage that touches the body, mind and spirit, contact us at 509-332-4414, or talk to your Kindred Hospice representative.