“I don’t know how you do what you do.” We hear this all the time. Hospice volunteers are special souls with hearts for this work. Not everyone is able to serve those who are dying, and their families.  But you will find many stories full of service, love, and gentle holding of families during transition from this life. Following is a poem written at such a time.

Peasant Genes
I smell the approach of death
as I hold this beautiful aged hand;
Decay, a part of this journey-
but it touches not the beauty
of my beloved.
Ravages of age and illness
Cannot dim the perfect recall
of days and years of memories.
Your “strong peasant genes” are strong still,
Your tenacious heart boldly beating
against the pull of eternity.
What beauty surrounds you!
Family – generations! – who have gathered
to love you through this last act.
Smiles, tears, remembrances swirl and dance
in this sacred place.
Those whom you have loved
wait to welcome you home.
Those who have loved you
Gently release you to eternity.
So many points of connection
between those here present;
And you, YOU, are the center of it all!
How honored we are, how privileged
to be included in this life’s tapestry.

To read another family’s experience with hospice care, click here: http://specialprojects.pressherald.com/aging/someone-to-watch-over-the-journeys-end/

Kindred Hospice is the local hospice provider in Whitman County. They can be reached at 509-332-2236. You do not have to go through this alone. Friends of Hospice, along with Kindred, are ready to help you on this journey. Call us: 509-332-4414.