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Someday, you or a dying loved one may need us. Perhaps you need us today. We’re here to help you.

Although not the hospice provider, for 23 years we have been augmenting and supporting hospice and end of life care. We’re a network of volunteer friends, helpers, and companions.
  • Friends of Hospice increases public awareness of hospice, comfort-care, and end-of-life services.
  • We support and advocate advance-care planning through community-wide outreach.
  • We make available and support enhanced training for volunteers serving those at the end of life.
  • Friends of Hospice provides much needed comfort care items not otherwise available.

We want to help. Contact us today.

The Friends of Hospice – what we do.


Bringing joy into the lives of people suffering from Alzheimer’s, other forms of dementia, and cognitive and physical impairments. Learn more >

grass_flowers_field_nature_summer_92412_3840x2400LIVING LEGACY >

Develop a living legacy through a facilitated recorded audio CD capturing the stories and memories as told by and through the hospice patient. Learn more >

ff0739cce44d4110b4f73bd798b79685THRESHOLD CHOIR >

Support a peaceful transition through time-honored gentle music programs. Create a peace-filled environment to comfort those at the thresholds of living and dying through the gentle voices of Threshold Choir of the Palouse.  Learn more >

cosmos-flowers-sunlightCAREGIVER MASSAGE >

Extend Caregiver TLC to those caring for their loved ones through gentle compassionate massage that touches the body, mind and spirit. Learn more >

COMMUNITY RESOURCESnature-field-flowers-grass >

Through the local library system, provide books and resources on end-of-life, spirituality, dying, grief and bereavement. Learn more >

6929631-landscape-a-field-with-grass-and-blooming-buttercups-wild-flowers-in-spring-by-sunsetGRIEF SUPPORT >

Extend a hand to those in grief through bereavement support groups offered at various times throughout the year. Learn more >


A thoughtful, intentional, and meaningful process wherein one reflects upon and discusses what’s important to him or her if faced with a life-limiting illness or suddenly experiences a life-threatening injury. Learn more >


Offers a time to pause and reflect. This touching ceremony is held each December in Pullman and Colfax, taking time to honor and remember those whom we have loved. Learn more >


We create a safe and confidential space to share your thoughts and ideas on death and dying. This is not a counseling session or Grief Support Group. Learn more >