The Annual Trees of Light and Remembrance is a long-standing community tradition. Join with your friends and neighbors as we pause to honor and remember those whom we have loved, lost, and forever carry in our hearts. Gather with us in this special moment of reflection.

A Time for Pause and Reflection

Join us as we remember our loved ones through the Memorial Trees of Light and Remembrance December 10th through December 28th, 2020.

View the beautiful Memorial Trees of Light virtually:

Pullman Tree


Colfax Tree

Socially distanced and safely presented for you at:

2020 Trees Of Light in Pullman
Lily Bee’s Consignment Shop
400 Main Street

2020 Trees Of Light in Colfax
Whitman County Library
102 S Main Street

Due to coronavirus precautions in place, there will be no in-person ceremony this year.