I remember.

I remember not because I am afraid that I will forget.

I remember because I want to intentionally honor my loved one.

My grandma died this April. She was in her 90’s and lived a “long and full life.” She was an encouraging figure in my life. A true cheerleader of my faith and calling, someone I knew was always praying for me.



I cannot and will not forget her. Her picture is in our home in more than one location, but more than that, she’s imprinted on my soul. I’m sure you can relate.

Our deceased loved ones leave us marked and, as a result, we remember.

For many of us, and especially at important times of the year, it is helpful to take that remembering into the tangible world and make it a remembrance.

Last December Friends of Hospice added a special online addition to our Holiday season we call “Lights of Remembrance.”  The simple idea was to extend our special Trees of Light ceremonies into the realm of social media, and make a visible way people could share that they are remembering their deceased loved ones during this special time of year.

Although they are virtual ornaments, they are tangible reminders that we can see and share with our family and friends, near and far. So I got a “Light of Remembrance” for my sweet Grandma. To express to our friends and family that this season we are carrying her in our hearts.

If you would like to join me in lighting up social media with your “Light of Remembrance” contact our FOH office (509-332-4414), or message us via Facebook. A $10 donation per ornament is suggested. All we need from you is the name of your loved one as you would like it displayed on the ornament, and your email address (or we can message you via Facebook Messenger).

All donations will go toward furthering the work of Friends of Hospice.

Guest blog by Corey Laughary, Board Member for Friends of Hospice.