• Schwartz, Morrie
    Morrie In His Own Words
  • PS 155.9 Goldman, Linda
    Breaking the Silence: A Guide to Helping Children with Complicated Grief – Suicide, Homicide, AIDS, Violence and Abuse
  • PS 155.9 Huntley, Theresa M.
    Helping Children Grieve – When Someone They Love Dies
Adult Non-Fiction
  • 155.9 Canfield, Jack
    Chicken Soup for the Grieving Soul
  • 155.9 Carmack, Betty J.
    Grieving the Death of a Pet
  • 155.9 Davidson, Glen W.
    Understanding Mourning: A Guide For Those Who Grieve
  • 155.9 Feinberg, Linda
    I’m Grieving As Fast As I Can
  • 155.9 Fitzgerald, Linda
    The Mourning Book
  • 155.9 Levang, Elizabeth
    When Men Grieve: Why Men Grieve Differently & How You Can Help
  • 155.9 Noel, Brook
    I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye
  • 155.9 Reynolds, Rita
    Blessing the Bridge
  • 155.9 Smith, Harold Ivan
    Grieving the Death of a Mother
  • 155.937 Fine, Carla
    No Time to Say Good-bye: Surviving the Suicide of a Loved One
  • 155.937 Kessler, David
    The Needs of the Dying: A Guide for Bringing Hope, Comfort, and Love to Life’s Final Chapter
  • 242.4 Lewis, C.S.
    A Grief Observed
  • 242.4 Miller, James E.
    Winter Grief, Summer Grace: Returning to Life After A Loved One Dies
  • 248.86 Chilstrom, Corinne
    Andrew, You Died Too Soon: A Family Experience of Grieving & Living Again
  • 294.3 Lama, Dalai
    Advice on Dying: And Living a Better Life
  • 294.3 Nhat Hanh, Thich
    No Death, No Fear: Comforting Wisdom for Life
  • 306.9 Zunin, Leonard M.
    The Art of Condolence
  • 362.1 Housden, Maria
    Hannah’s Gift: Lessons from a Life Fully Lived
  • 362.175 Levine, Stephen
    Meetings at the Edge
  • 618.3 Gamino, Louis A.
    When Your Baby Dies: Through Miscarriage or Stillbirth
  • 646.7 Felber, Marta
    Finding Your Way After Your Spouse Dies
For Children To Understand
  • Aliki
    The Two of Them
  • Bunting, Max
    Grandma’s Gone to Live in the Stars
  • Johnston , Tony
    That Summer
  • Napoli , Donna Jo
    Flamingo Dream
  • Old, Wendie C.
    Stacy had a Little Sister
  • Ploude , Lynn
    Thank You, Grandpa
  • Puttock , Simon
    A Story for Hippo
    * Ringtved, Glenn
       Cry, Heart, But Never Break
  • Schotter , Roni
    In the Piney Woods


For Older Kids & Teens
  • 155.9 Brown, Laurie & Marc
    When Dinosaurs Die
  • 393 Johnston, Marianne
    Let’s Talk About Going to a Funeral
  • 811 Hanson, Warren
    The Next Place
  • Dower, Laura
    I Will Remember: A Guide Book Through Grief for Teens
  • Wolfelt, Alan
    Healing Your Grieving Heart for Teens (100 Practical Ideas)