• PS 155.9 Huntley, Theresa M.
    Helping Children Grieve: When someone they love dies
  • PS 155.93 Mellonie, Bryan. and Ingpen, Robert R.
    Lifetimes: A beautiful way to explain death to children
  • PS 155.937 Ryan, Victoria and Alley, R.W. (Robert W.) 1955-
    When Your Grandparent Dies: A child’s guide to good grief
  • PS 155.937 Jay, Caroling, 1953-, Dale, Unity-Joy.
    Seeds of Hope, Bereavement, and Loss Activity Book: Helping children and young people cope with change
  • PS 259.6 Longstreth, Karen
    Through A Child’s Eyes: Explaining death, organ donation, cremation, burial and cemeteries to young children using 
  • PS 259.6 Primo, Joseph M.
    What do we tell the children? : Talking to kids about death and dying
  • E Dokas, Dara, 1968-
    Remembering Mama
Adult Non-Fiction
  • 155.9 Canfield, Jack
    Chicken Soup for the Grieving Soul
  • 155.9 Noel, Brook
    I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye
  • 155.937 Kessler, David
    The Needs of the Dying: A Guide for bringing hope, comfort, and love to life’s final chapter
  • 155.937 Wolfelt, Alan D.
    Understanding Your Grief: Ten essential touchstones for finding hope and healing your heart
  • 155.937 Sandberg, Sheryl and Grant, Adam M.
    Option B: Facing adversity, building resilience, and finding joy
  • 248.86 Smith, Harold Ivan
    A Decembered Grief: Living with loss while others are celebrating
  • 294.3 Lama, Dalai
    Advice on Dying And Living a Better Life
  • 294.3 Nhat Hanh, Thich
    No Death, No Fear: Comforting wisdom for life
  • 362.1 Housden, Maria
    Hannah’s Gift: Lessons from a life fully lived
  • 362.175 Allison, Helen
    Stay, beathe with me : The gift of compassionate medicine
  • 616.78 Nuland, Sherwin B.
    How we die: Reflections on life’s final chapter
For Children To Understand
  • Bunting, Max
    Grandma’s Gone to Live in the Stars
  • Johnston, Tony
    That Summer
  • Ploude, Lynn
    Thank You, Grandpa
  • Puttock, Simon
    A Story for Hippo
  • Ringtved, Glenn
    Cry, Heart, But Never Break
  • Schotter, Roni
    In the Piney Woods
For Older Children & Teens
  • 155.9 Brown, Laurie & Marc
    When Dinosaurs Die
  • 811 Hansen, Warren
    The Next Place
  • Dower, Laura
    I Will Remember You: A Guide Book Through Grief for Teens